The Pact

The Global Youth Survey �Help shape the future condom promotion agenda� on condom programming among youth civil society organizations

The Global Youth Survey and the analytical report as an outcome, has been conducted as�appointed by the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), in collaboration�with UN Population Fund (UNFPA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the PACT.
It aims to map youth �organizations involved in condom� promotion and distribution, as well as to identify ways of strengthening the condom promotion and distribution among youth� organizations, but most important to ensure the next generation condom agenda is informed by the perspectives of young people on the ground implanting condom programmes.
The Survey was conducted in the period 12th till 24th of October, 2014. Given the time frame for�the project, the outreach strategy was crucial to reach many youth organizations working in�condom promotion as possible.
In total, 244 organizational responses from 7 geographical regions (categorized according to�UNAIDS regions) worldwide (Eastern and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa, Asia and�Pacific, Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North�Africa) have been received. While the sample is not representative, the data is drawn from e�respondents from virtually all regions of the world.
Finally the report shows good practices from the regions and it shows specific recommendation�towards more effective condom programming especially among the most at risk young people and�adolescents.

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