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Taking Root, Branching Out: The development of young key population-led organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Author: Youth LEAD
Young key population-led organizations continue to grow and develop as instrumental actors in the response to HIV in the Asia-Pacific region.

BANGKOK, Thailand � May 23, 2017 � YouthLEAD launches �Taking Root, Branching Out� an engaging report on the development of young key population-led organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Focusing on the development of YouthLEAD partners, Fokus Muda in Indonesia, Vectoring in China, Youth LEAD Cambodia and YKP LEAD Nepal these case studies capture the triumphs and struggles of four unique organizations.

In observing the lessons learned and identifying common elements amongst these organizations, this report produces important recommendations for donors and stakeholder keen to engage with young key populations (YKP) and support a comprehensive response to HIV.

�With great support from Robert Carr Network Funds, Youth LEAD paves the ways to embrace all young key populations constituencies to engage the human rights and youth movement across the region and countries. In Indonesia, Nepal, China, Cambodia and other supported countries, Youth LEAD country teams explore vitality of youth voice in the regime of HIV/AIDS response and beyond. Nowadays, Youth LEAD stands out to reflect the trend of sustainable development and open society for all.� 
Zhang Nanjie � Board Chair of Youth LEAD

The recommendations reflect the roots, history and progress of this network of YKP organizations and tackle a broad range of issue areas for both donors and stakeholders, and the YKP-led organizations themselves. Recommendations include ensuring the meaningful involvement of YKP at all levels of policy and decision-making for which they are impacted, establishing core funding and fiscal support and continuing to build connections with the goal of growing networks, to name a few. These recommendations provide key branches for a path forward for these organizations.
This report bears witness to the power and successful contributions of young people in creating change for themselves and their communities. YKP-led organizations are critical in advancing a comprehensive response to HIV, but they continue to require technical and financial support.

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