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The PACT Elections Results for 2017

The PACT elections for the year 2017 has been successfully accomplished. A total of 29 votes have been received. �We are happy to announce the results:

PACT C&C: Youth LEAD, focal person: Nancy Zhang (

PACT Co-Chair: Teenergizer, focal person: Dany Stolbunov (

Lead Priority 1: Advocate and promote youth-led accountability and participation for the integration of HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) services and policies, including comprehensive sexuality education.

LEAD: IFMSA, focal person: Carles Pericas (

Lead Priority 2:�Mobilize young people and engage decision makers to increase access to evidence informed HIV�prevention and treatment. (Lead: Global Network of Young People Living with HIV)

LEAD:�Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+), focal person: Jaime Luna (

Lead Priority 3:
Strengthen young people�s capacity to change the legal and policy frameworks that prevent young people from accessing HIV and SRHR services.
LEAD: Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN), focal person: Chris Harper (

Lead Priority 4:
Advocate for young people�s participation in global, regional and national (including district and city level) decision-making processes around resource mobilization and allocation, to ensure adequate funding for young�people in the context of HIV and SRHR.
LEAD: Youth LEAD, focal person: Setia Perdana (

Congratulations to the new PACT leadership, all the nominees and all the PACT members!

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