Making CSE Inclusive for Young Key Populations

With Support for HIV Young Leaders Funds, IPPF, PACT, UNESCO

Author: Shubha Kayastha
Layout: Seita Perdana, Youth LEAD 

Comprehensive Sexuality Education has proven to have positive impact on sexual and reproductive health (SRH), reduction of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and unintended pregnancy. CSE that is beyond information, which include opportunity to learn essential life skills, can bring positive attitudes around gender and increased self-esteem among young people. However in most countries, sexuality education curriculum in the school, rarely cater to the specific SRH needs and rights of young key populations. In addition to the stigma, discrimination and social exclusion they face; reaching YKP with the mainstream approach becomes difficult when their risk behavior is considered illegal.

Youth LEAD has developed the discussion paper ?Make Comprehensive Sexuality Education Inclusive of Young Key Population?. With the support from HIV Young Leaders Fund, IPPF, PACT and UNESCO, this discussion paper attempts to present the realities of Young Key Population (YKP) in the context of CSE implementation in the Asia-Pacific region. This document highlights the issues of different groups within YKP and set of actions to the policy makers, programme designers and advocates.

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