YVC launches two videos demanding CSE for young LGBTQ+ people

?We want Comprehensive Sexuality Education,” young LGBTQ+ people in Asia and the Pacific have said.?Youth Voices Count?(YVC) coinciding with the opening of 9th?Asia Pacific Conference of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Vietnam releases two videos featuring young LGBTQ+ people demanding comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).


?Young LGBTQ+ are amongst the worst affected by the absence of CSE. They not only have to negotiate their own dilemmas about their own sexuality and gender identity but also have to face a society that vehemently despises their differences?, says Bella Vongvisitsin, Chair, Youth Voices Count.

Young LGBTQ+ people around the world face numerous challenges including bullying, stigma, discrimination, physical and sexual abuses which leads to self-harming behaviors including suicide as a result of not having access to information and knowledge on gender, sexuality, gender expressions and sex characteristics and sexual and reproductive health. Bullying and harassments is also a result of lack of knowledge on these issues as young people are unaware of how to negotiate the concepts of gender, sexuality, gender expressions and sex characteristics with their peers.
?Strategic and sustainable measure needs to be taken at the very local level to ensure that all young people have the right to access knowledge on SCE.?It is about the right to highest attainable health, right to education and right to lead equal, equitable and fulfilling lives? says Niluka Perera, Regional Coordinator of Youth Voices Count.
The videos developed in Sri Lanka and the Philippines features the plight of young people in general and young LGBTQ+ people in particular in the absence of CSE. The videos also feature decision makers calling the governments and policy makers to integrate age appropriate CSE to school curricula to ensure sustainable provision of CSE to young people.
The videos are supported through the?Youth PACT?by HIV Young Leaders Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The videos are developed by young LGBTQ+ people ensuring the ownership of the advocacy.

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