Door to door campaign to combat GBV against women

Non-governmental organisations and government agencies in Zimbabwe are campaigning to Leave Noone Behind: End Violence against women and girls.

In Mutare, Women?s Action and Support Centre (WASC), a Non-Profit Making Trust has joined the bandwagon of organisations in combating gender based violence (GBV) against women and girls which is now rampant in the country.

In an interview with WASC Programs Officer Mr Tapiwa Chibodo in the eastern border city recently, he said they are going to do a door to door campaign in urban areas.

?In 2015 we campaigned against GBV by marching in the streets and last year we did a workshop. This year we have planned to do something new early December, preparations have been finalised to do a door to door campaign in the 16 days of activism.?

He added: ?We did an assessment and observed that messages were not reaching other women, so we are confident that door to door campaign will leave noone behind,? said Chibodo.

He said the campaign will target all, especially women and young girls raising awareness on GBV issues.
?WASC is going to educate women on what is GBV because some women do not know what it means. There is need to educate them on their rights that are enshrined in the constitution, women should know that they are protected by the rule of the land,?? he said.

WASC will raise awareness on the rights of women using posters which are going to be distributed in Mutare throughout the 16 days of activism.

The organisation has identified problems which poses GBV against women and provide solutions to such problems.

“We have identified that women?s lack of economic resources is one of the major contributors to GBV against women. So the organisation came up with strategies to economically empower women to combat GBV against them.”

”There is a women?s fund program namely Chisipiti Oasis Women?s Fund which offers small capital funding to women engaged in small projects. It is available for women who do not meet prerequisites needed in accessing finances in the mainstream financial institutions,?? said Chibodo.
WASC provides entrepreneurial skills training on demand such as financial literacy, sewing, baking, and braiding.

Farai Shawn Matiashe is a freelancer based in Zimbabwe who is passionate about writing about gender based violence and the abuse of commercial sex workers. 

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