Introducing the New Leads & Co-leads

The PACT is excited to be welcoming the new Co-leads and Leads of particular working groups of The PACT.
Here is a list of the new appointments:

  1. Ieva Berankyte ? Advocacy working group
  2. Iwatutu Joyce ? Partnerships and resource mobilization working group
  3. Damilare Oyedele ? Partnerships and resource mobilization working group
  4. Haruna Aaron Sunday ? Capacity building working group
  5. Kaushal Ranasinghe ? Capacity building working group

While we have trusted the capacity of these impressive young people who are ever willing and ready to drive a force for change, we are happy to also witness the leadership that they are bringing forth to The PACT, bearing in mind the focal points that The PACT is most interested in. 

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