DOWNLOAD NOW: The PACT 2021-2025 Strategy Launch

At The PACT, as a coalition of vibrant member organisations representing young people in all their diversity, we are committed to ensuring that decision makers are held accountable to their commitments to youth, and to supporting our member organisations to do the same. As an organisation committed to an intersectional approach to tackling the issues facing young people in the context of the HIV epidemic, we will support and empower youth working at every level within the HIV response and continue to push for greater accountability by decision-makers to young people.

In this critical period, it is essential that young people are recognised as leaders and visionaries, to push the boundaries of HIV programming and take innovative new approaches to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment. The advent of new technologies such as PrEP will not mean anything if the basic needs of young people are not met. Decision-makers need to realise that HIV programming for young people goes beyond providing condoms and HIV tests, and that it encompasses a holistic assessment of the needs of young people to lead a full and healthy life. This is especially crucial in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know what needs to be done. Young people are willing and able to commit. The PACT stands with our members in advocating for decision-makers to do the same.

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