The Pact

Universal Periodic Review of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

This submission, prepared ahead of the 4th Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, examines the challenges faced by the young people living with HIV in Pakistan in relation to HIV, AIDS treatment and human rights.

This report was prepared based on research from credible sources of information, input from experts and young people living with HIV. Prior to that, a national-level hybrid UPR training was conducted for young activists and representatives from youth-led organizations. Approximately 31 experts working substantially for young people living with HIV from across Pakistan took part in the consultation.

The report identified loopholes and gaps affecting the lives of young people living with HIV and contributing to the increase in new HIV cases in Pakistan.

The report makes recommendations to the government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the resolution of issues faced by young people living with HIV, AIDS and to control new HIV infections among young people.