Universal Periodic Review of Guatemala

The consultation convened to contribute to the UPR in Guatemala, led and implemented by REDJUAMUGEN, was carried out through a multisectoral analysis. This identified the needs and demands of Guatemalan youth, guaranteeing the gender approach by investigating the current national situation in different sectors, forming a holistic analysis, then generating milestones to formulate recommendations for the country and the diverse Guatemalan youth.

The influence of religion, patriarchal customs, and adult centrism in society and public policies restrict the enjoyment of sexual and reproductive rights by girls, adolescents, young women, and young men due to the lack of decentralization of access to education, socioeconomic factors, and misinterpretation of laws. They reinforce myths and taboos about sexuality. This makes the gender approach inaccessible and not
guaranteed for all adolescent and youth populations due to the lack of representation in key spaces and decision-making, as well as the lack of a national youth law.

Guatemala must implement inclusive laws with an intersectional approach to guarantee the human rights of the entire population, prioritizing the sexual and reproductive rights of children, adolescents and youth through multisectoral programs that facilitate the gender approach in education, employment.

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