The Pact

REPORT: Why the #UPROOT Scorecard Process is Important for Youth-led Advocacy

The #UPROOT Scorecard Process continues to be an enlightening and empowering experience for young people, paving the road for continued youth-led evaluation and accountability in Madagascar, Nigeria and Indonesia. This project provided a space for young people and young KPs to identify, analyze and understand the situation within their local context and legal environment and how it affects their meaningful engagement and leadership in the HIV response.
It was also a platform for young people to put forward recommendations on how to improve policy formulation and implementation of laws that support adolescents, young people and young KPs, as well as foster meaningful youth participation and leadership in the HIV response and maximize the impact of partnerships across all sectors. In summary, the #UPROOT Scorecard Process has successfully put young people on the road towards realizing their rights through strengthening youth-led accountability.