The PACT Steering Committee Holds First In-person Retreat in Mombasa, Kenya.

The PACT 2022 Retreat aimed at an inclusive approach of an in-person meeting to reassess its direction and approaches toward rebuilding solidarity across youth organizations within its network working in the space of health, well-being, and human rights. The retreat would not only provide a platform for The PACT to chart a cohesive path forward, but it would also enable The PACT to analyze, address, and establish new frameworks that recognize the impact of the dual pandemic as well as current and future health emergencies. The Chair and UNAIDS Strategic Advisor Alicia Sanchez stated in their opening remarks the need to think strategically and build on discovering interventions to strengthen our work around HIV, SRHR, and Human Rights. We are leveraging our network of partners and exploring new opportunities to expand collaborations and partnerships, specifically for resource mobilization and sharing. The decision to overcome the impact of the dual pandemic and move forward in a productive manner was well supported by all attendees at the retreat.

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