Exploiting Vulnerability: The Misuse of LGBTQ+ Stories in France’s Asylum System

Text by Kaushal Ranasinghe

In 2022, I arrived in France as an asylum seeker, escaping political persecution in my homeland of Sri Lanka. In 2023, I successfully claimed refugee status in France due to my political circumstances. However, during my time in France, I stumbled upon a disturbing trend—the misuse of LGBTQ+ stories to secure refugee status. This article delves into this issue, its implications, and the experiences of those affected by it.

The Prevalence of Misused LGBTQ Stories

When I arrived in France and explained my political asylum claim, I frequently encountered questions about whether I had sought LGBTQ+ asylum. This raised my eyebrows, as my sexual orientation was relevant or not to my asylum application, how they can ask me that kind of question. It was evident that many believed that claiming to be LGBTQ+ was an easier route to obtaining refugee status in France. This misconception was widespread, particularly within certain immigrant communities from South Asia.

The Silence of Genuine Asylum Seekers

In response to these questions, I chose to remain discreet about my asylum reason. Revealing my true political background or orientation could potentially compromise my safety, so I remained silent in the face of these inquiries, even if I were at France. It became apparent that the prevalence of these stereotypes and misconceptions was inhibiting the voices of genuine asylum seekers.

The Disturbing Conversations

Motivated by the feedback I received, I decided to investigate further. I engaged with individuals who had claimed refugee status in France by fabricating LGBT stories. The conversations I had were shocking and deeply unsettling.

Fabricating LGBT Stories

One person I encountered admitted to pretending to be gay, using derogatory terms to describe their actions. They even provided contacts for fake story creators who specialized in crafting deceitful narratives to deceive the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA). These individuals would manipulate stories and create fake evidence to gain refugee status, exploiting the genuine struggles of LGBTQ+ individuals who were truly fleeing persecution.

Exploiting Support Organizations

To make matters worse, some individuals were misusing organizations like ARDHIS – Paris, and LGBT Center Paris, which are meant to provide support and protection for LGBTQ+ refugees.

The Implications

The misuse of LGBT stories to claim refugee status has serious consequences. It undermines the integrity of the asylum system, making it harder for genuine refugees to receive the protection they need. Additionally, it tarnishes the reputation of the LGBTQ+ community, whose identities and stories are exploited for personal gain.

Family Reunification Loopholes

Another disconcerting aspect of this issue is the ease with which heterosexual individuals, after claiming LGBTQ+ refugee status, can bring their heterosexual spouses or partners to France through family reunification. The lack of scrutiny regarding the authenticity of relationships leaves the system vulnerable to abuse.

A Call to Action

To address this issue, it is crucial for the government to implement stricter controls on family reunification. Verifying the legitimacy of relationships and ensuring that reunification aligns with the original asylum claim is essential to prevent abuse.


The misuse of LGBTQ+ stories to claim refugee status in France is a troubling trend that must be confronted. It compromises the integrity of the asylum system, exploits the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community, and allows for the abuse of family reunification policies. As a journalist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and asylum seeker, I urge policymakers and society at large to address this issue promptly. We must ensure that the asylum system remains fair and compassionate while safeguarding the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their background or orientation.

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