Press Release: #UPROOT 2.0 Launches in Eight Countries

Youth-led and youth-serving organisations, including The PACT, Y+ Global and Youth LEAD, are joining forces with UNAIDS to scale up the youth-led monitoring agenda by launching a new round of scorecard implementation for 2023.

HIV-Related Human Rights Violation FGD Report in 5 Languages

The PACT Global Youth Organization conducts the Focal Group Discussion to report HIV- related human rights violations. The major motive behind these FGDs is to gather data about HIV-related human rights violations in the Global Youth Community.

Universal Periodic Review of Guatemala

The consultation convened to contribute to the UPR in Guatemala, led and implemented by REDJUAMUGEN, was carried out through a multisectoral analysis. This identified the needs and demands of Guatemalan youth, guaranteeing the gender approach by investigating the current national situation in different sectors, forming a holistic analysis, then generating milestones to formulate recommendations for the country and the diverse Guatemalan youth.

Universal Periodic Review of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

This report was prepared based on research from credible sources of information, input from experts and young people living with HIV. Prior to that, a national-level hybrid UPR training was conducted for young activists and representatives from youth-led organizations. Approximately 31 experts working substantially for young people living with HIV from across Pakistan took part in the consultation.

Universal Periodic Review of Argentina

In this report, we discuss the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Argentina, the low investment of the State in the production of strategic information, and in prevention and communication campaigns about HIV. We also discuss stigma, and how discrimination continues to be an obstacle in universal access to health, in job searches and in trying to achieve a better quality of life for
young people and women living with HIV.

Access to Menstrual Products is a Human Right. Period.

I was 18 years old when the Van earthquake happened. Its magnitude was 7.2, with waves of aftershocks. More than 600 people lost their lives. Thousands of others sustained injuries and became homeless. Van is a beautiful province in Eastern Turkey. It is our hometown and an amazing community, where people obsess over tea and children enjoy climbing apricot trees.

Universal Periodic Review of South Africa

The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1996 guarantees every pregnant woman the right to terminate a pregnancy should they not wish to carry the pregnancy to term under special circumstances. .