The Pact


The PACT is a vibrant coalition of more than 80 youth organisations working collaboratively and strategically in the global HIV response. Since 2013, we have been building solidarity across youth organisations to ensure the health, well-being and human rights of all young people.

Our Values

Meaningful Youth Participation
Committing to consultation with our key constituencies at country level.

Organizations continually share and update each other.

Representation of different youth communities.

Sharing challenges and successes with each other, working through individual differences. Equity in decision-making.

Collaborating on issues where we�re stronger together.

Active involvement in the PACT.

Our History

In 2015, young people accounted for 40% of all new adult HIV infections. Globally, an estimated 4 million young people were living with HIV, and each day about 2300 young people acquired HIV.

Conceptualized in full collaboration with youth organizations, the aim of the meeting was to support the creation of a cohesive, solution-oriented and coordinated global youth movement on AIDS that is committed to joint action as a youth movement, as well as with the UNAIDS Secretariat to reach the End of AIDS by 2030.
Young people have a right to take part in decisions that impact their lives, and their participation in national AIDS responses can ensure the responses are better calibrated to the needs of young people.

?Half-way to the deadlines of the goals from the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS, youth-led civil society organizations requested the UNAIDS Secretariat to support the strategic meeting UNAIDS and Youth: a Pact for Social Transformation, which took place on 20-22 May in Tunisia.

The kick-off meeting convened 15 youth organizations with the 16 members of the newly appointed UNAIDS Youth Advisory Forum to create space for the youth movement on AIDS to develop key priorities for collaboration, and to develop strategic actions for expanding the movement.

The main output from the meeting was The PACT for social transformation: a civil society-led mutual accountability framework outlining priorities within the youth movement and with UNAIDS.

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When young people are meaningfully engaged and have the resources to properly contribute to the HIV movement everyone wins. No level of partnership is too great or too small, and we acknowledge that nobody knows which opportunities will suit your organization better than you. For this reason, we are kindly asking you to go through our sponsorship prospectus so we can explore together the most adequate way to join efforts towards our goals.

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“The important thing about The PACT is the ability to gather and create a space for young people who are always determined to end AIDS by 2030.”
– IKO (India)

“The PACT has been a good resource center for young minorities”
– BLC (Kenya)