The Pact


#UPROOT is a global, youth-led political agenda based on the principles of equity, inclusion and solidarity, aimed at ending AIDS by 2030 and advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights, by tackling the barriers, bigotry and exclusion that jeopardise young people?s health.

The #UPROOT Agenda is a campaign running until the end of 2020 that is developed and powered by and for young people to tackle the root causes that put young people at risk, including discrimination, inequalities, violence and exclusion.

The #UPROOT Agenda focuses on three strategic areas:

Challenging harmful legal and policy barriers that deter young people from accessing services (Policy)
Supporting youth participation in the HIV response (Participation)
Strengthening innovative partnerships between networks of young people (Partnerships)

#UPROOT Scorecards

To achieve its goals, #UPROOT developed a variety of activities including the development and roll-out of the #UPROOT Youth-led Scorecards to measure the progress achieved by countries to End AIDS by 2030, and particularly on the issues that matter and affect young people the most.

What does the #UPROOT Scorecard measure?

The #UPROOT Scorecard is a community-led monitoring tool that is facilitated and implemented by young people for young people. The tool gathers data (qualitative and quantitative) from young people to measure how well a country is doing in achieving the commitments on adolescent and young people, adopted in the 2016 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS.

What does the #UPROOT Scorecard do?

The #UPROOT Scorecards provide useful information on what are areas of progress and the main challenges and gaps to achieve the commitments on young people, established in the 2016 Political Declaration. The scorecards are intended to provide strategic information to inform and ignite advocacy movements at the national level to hold governments accountable.

The #UPROOT Scorecard process


Conducted by youth leaders and networks with support of UNAIDS and other partners, achieving participation of more than 400 young people, especially from young people living with HIV and young key populations.


#UPROOT youth-led scorecards finalised and validated through national consultations conducted in 17 countries.*
*Panama, Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, Fiji, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Russia, South Sudan, Ukraine and Zambia.


Advocacy roadmaps developed in nine countries as a mechanism to hold governments accountable for its commitments.

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#UPROOT Agenda

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